Looking up legal cases

Having received several e-mails from students who were having trouble downloading Coggin v. Texas for tomorrow’s class discussion, I thought I would run through the steps once again.

1. Go to Lexis-Nexis Academic. There are several different ways to get in. One is to use the myNEU portal and start drilling down via the Library tab. Another is to use this direct link. Unless you’re already signed in, you’ll need to enter your myNEU username and password.

2. Once you are at the Lexis-Nexis home page, click on the tab labeled “Legal” in the upper left. Then click on “Federal & State Cases,” which appears directly under “Law Reviews.”

3. If you do not have the citation number, you can enter the names of the parties at “Case name.” You would enter Coggin in one box and Texas in the other (the order doesn’t matter). Click on the red “Search” button. You’ll have to go through the results to get the one you want.

4. Since you do have the citation number for this case, you should enter it at “Citation Number.” Simply type in (or copy and paste from the syllabus) 2003 Tex. App. LEXIS 8678. Again, click the red “Search” button. Now you’ve got the case you want.

5. Near the upper right, you’ll find icons to print, save or e-mail the case. Printing and saving are a little tricky, but both functions work. Just be sure to follow all the steps.


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